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Trucking Accidents

Skilled Lawyers Handle Truck Accident Claims in Oklahoma and Kansas

Attorneys will seek full compensation for injury and death claims arising from a trucking accident

The weight and velocity of a semi-truck presents a significant danger to anyone involved in a collision with it. Moreover, crashes involving commercial vehicles can also lead to complicated legal issues, evidence that needs to be preserved, and an immediate and aggressive defense by the motor carrier company.  It is therefore extremely important that claimants in these cases seek the legal assistance of a qualified professional as soon as possible. From our Bartlesville office, the attorneys at Robinett | King have decades of experience in pursuing claims against commercial trucking companies, the driver, and others who may be responsible for causing the truck accident.  Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to ensure that all causes and all responsible parties are identified.  This investigation will likely include a review ownership documents, maintenance records, driver logs, and manufacturing information, particularly if there is any indication of the following may have been factors in the cause of the collision:

  • Driver fatigue — Specific rules exist to make sure that drivers aren’t overly tired. Our lawyers will review the relevant records and other information to see if driver fatigue contributed to the crash.
  • Drug or alcohol impairment — Commercial drivers are subject to stricter drunk-driving standards than other adults. Even if a test was not conducted at the accident scene, we might be able to find evidence of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Poor truck maintenance — If proper upkeep was not performed on the vehicle, our lawyers work to connect this carelessness to the injuries that resulted.
  • Mechanical defects — Trucks are complicated machines, and even a small defect can trigger a terrible crash. Should this occur, we have the resources to take on negligent vehicle manufacturers.

Our attorneys are ready to handle all aspects of you trucking accident claims and secure the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive by law.

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