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Oklahoma Mediation — We offer Mediation Services and can Guide You Through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

We have trained mediators who can act as neutral facilitators to help solve legal problems

At Robinett | King, we offer mediation services from trained, experienced and impartial attorneys.  We work with parties and people of all types to resolve disputes without litigation. Our mediators work to create comfortable and productive environments so that legal adversaries can come together as partners and reach a resolution. Mediation gives you control over the legal process and will often provide a more expedient and less costly resolution of the dispute than litigating in court.  In addition to providing mediation services, our attorneys also routinely represent our clients in disputes involving mediation and/or arbitration.

Understanding the mediation process

Under Oklahoma law, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method for certain civil cases. Mediation helps parties to reach an agreed, and more amicable, compromised resolution of their legal dispute. A mediator is someone who is impartial, trained, and focused on helping both sides compromise in order to reach a mutually agreeable resolution of the case.  We can mediate many types of disputes, including:

When our attorneys are serving as s a mediator, our goal is to help both sides reach resolution by agreement. When we are representing a client in mediation, our attorneys will prepare and persuasively present the case during the mediation session, and will assist our client in effectively negotiating the terms of settlement.

Why choose to mediate/arbitrate a dispute?

Mediation and arbitration are typically faster, less expensive, and less formal than court-based litigation. With either method the parties retain more control over the process, while protecting their privacy (both mediation and arbitration are confidential and not of public record). While arbitration is usually binding, mediation is nonbinding — meaning that you will not be forced to settle your case unless both parties reach an agreement. The parties may mutually agree to participate in mediation, or the court can order the parties to participate.  Arbitration, on the other hand, typically arises when a contract between the parties expressly provides for arbitration as the exclusive means for resolving disputes arising under the contract.

Minimizing Conflict Helps Preserve Relationships

In many cases, both parties are best served when they can settle disputes without hostility and preserve personal relationships as much as possible.  In addition, mediation avoids the possible risk of an adverse decision from the Court for BOTH parties –mediation gives you control over the outcome.

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