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Robinett | King attorneys provide the highest caliber representation on appeal.

Whether you’re wanting to pursue a civil appeal based on an adverse lower court ruling or you’re forced to defend an appeal filed by the opposing party following a favorable ruling, the appellate lawyers at Robinett | King will ensure that your positions on appeal are fully and persuasively presented.   Our appellate lawyers are experienced in all types of appeals, we have a thorough understanding of appellate process and procedure, and our appellate attorneys possess impeccable research, writing, and oral skills which are essential to a successful appeal.

If Robinett|King represented you in the lower court proceeding, you can be confidant that potential errors were properly preserved for appeal.  At the conclusion of the lower court case, our attorneys will discuss any post-judgment or appellate relief that may be pursued. However, even if Robinett|King did not represent you in the lower court proceeding, our attorneys are available to assist you in the appeal of your case. Following the filing of a final judgment in the lower court proceeding, regardless of the result, you should immediately have an attorney review your case and apprise you of any post-judgment relief or appellate issues that may be available.  Our attorneys are willing and able to promptly review the record for legal errors, evidentiary issues, and/or abuse of discretion by the lower court as they prepare any necessary filings and briefs for an appeal.    You will enjoy open communication with our attorneys throughout the appellate process and will be kept fully informed of the appellate procedure, arguments, and timing of the appeal.

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