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Child Custody

Oklahoma Lawyers Advise on Child Custody Matters

Bartlesville attorneys help parents reach fair agreements

Breakups between parents require strict attention to the needs of the children they share. Our firm, Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane, advises divorcing spouses and parents in child custody matters so that they can secure appropriate arrangements. We have an office in Bartlesville to serve clients throughout Northeast Oklahoma. From the start, our experienced attorneys conduct a detailed review of the circumstances so that we can advocate for a resolution that promotes your child’s physical, emotional and social well-being. In most cases, fair terms can be worked out through effective negotiation, but if we need to advocate in court on your behalf, we are always prepared to do so.

Effective family law firm assists with all aspects of custody decisions

In a divorce involving couples with minor children, questions regarding residence and legal authority must be resolved. Whether custody terms are easily negotiated or need to be handled in court, we will prepare you by explaining the relevant issues:

  • Sole and joint custody — Usually, parents share authority over important decisions concerning their children. One parent is more likely to have primary physical custody, but in cases where everyone lives close to each other, joint residential custody is feasible.
  • Relocation — Difficulties often arise when one parent seeks to move a significant distance from the other. We’ll advise you of your rights and advocate for a proper outcome in relocation matters.
  • Modification and enforcement — Changes can be made to a custody order if warranted by circumstances. Our family attorneys handle modification request petitions and will take action when a party fails to honor an existing custody order. Our attorneys are also well versed in jurisdictional issues arising from interstate custody and visitation issues.

Even when other aspects of a divorce are contentious, our firm uses mediation and other methods to reach a positive conclusion on custody issues.

Knowledgeable advocates negotiate appropriate visitation guidelines

When one parent is awarded primary physical custody, it is important to create a visitation plan that gives the child a chance to spend ample time with the other parent. Certain legal standards exist in Oklahoma regarding visitation, but we work diligently to resolve specific issues such as holidays and transportation. Our firm also addresses special circumstances such as supervised visitation, required under certain conditions for the child’s safety.

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Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane assists Oklahoma clients with child custody matters and other family law issues. Please call 918-336-4132 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in our Bartlesville office.

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