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Oil and Gas Law

Accomplished Attorneys Counsel on Oil and Gas Issues in Oklahoma and Kansas

Bartlesville based firm represents clients in energy-related matters

From our office in Bartlesville we assist clients throughout Oklahoma and Kansas with contracts, regulatory issues, and other concerns that affect the energy business.

Skilled lawyers handle transactions, disputes and regulatory compliance

With an extensive background in real estate, litigation and other practice areas that affect the oil and gas industry, our firm is uniquely qualified to handle legal concerns such as:

  • Contracts — Fuel companies and individual investors rely on us for authoritative advice on mineral and surface rights, leases, assignments and royalty payments. In the creation, review, negotiation and enforcement of oil and gas contracts, our clients have an advantage.
  • Operations and compliance — A regulatory problem can quickly halt an oil or gas operation. Our firm advises clients on rules promulgated by federal authorities and state agencies such as the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. With a volatile market and constantly changing rules, it’s best to obtain qualified legal assistance before a problem arises with your operations.
  • Litigation and disputes — Disagreements arising from energy interests can be complex and costly. We use our skills and background to address problems and resolve disputes to achieve a positive, cost-effective outcome for our clients.

No matter what your specific role might be, there will  always be uncertainty in the oil and gas industry making it  particularly important to retain the services of a trustworthy legal counselor who understands the industry and relevant law.

Contact a proven Oklahoma attorney for assistance with an oil or gas law issue

Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane represents clients who seek counsel on oil and gas law matters in Oklahoma and Kansas. Please call 918-336-4132 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We have our office in Bartlesville.

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