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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorneys Get Results for Clients

Resolving disputes for businesses and individuals throughout Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas

When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed, knowledgeable attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf will give you tremendous comfort and peace of mind. Robinett | King in Bartlesville represents Oklahoma businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Whether you seek damages in an injury suit to compensate you for the harm you’ve suffered in a car accident, compensation for breach of contract, or defense in a lawsuit filed against you or your business, we provide skilled and zealous representation to insure the best possible results. Drawing on our vast experience, we can help you with all types of general civil litigation in state, federal, and appellate courts in Oklahoma and in Kansas, including:

Our attorneys will evaluate your case and openly discuss our assessment of the potential risks, costs, and rewards associated with litigation.   You will be fully informed of our recommended course of action and will make the ultimate decisions as to direction of the case, whether it is pursuing an early settlement, or pursuit of relief through the court, jury, or arbitrator, if applicable.  Although most civil disputes settle out of court, our litigators have the skill and experience to go to trial when necessary, and we have a long, proven track record of courtroom success.

Strong advocacy for our clients at every stage

As your advocates in your civil dispute, we will represent and protect your interests through every stage of your case, including:

  • Performing a thorough pre-lawsuit investigation of the facts and applicable laws;
  • Preserving the evidence which is essential to your case;
  • Preparation of the pleadings and other court filings;
  • Conducting discovery and obtaining records, sworn deposition testimony, and other evidence which is pertinent to your case and/or the opposing party’s case;
  • Being prepared and in attendance at all pre-trial proceedings, settlement conferences, mediation, and at trial;
  • If either side choose to appeal an outcome, our attorneys will be ready to pursue and/or protect your rights on appeal.

Again, not all lawsuits will involve all of these litigation stages because most parties will get the dispute settled by agreement to avoid or minimize the risks, uncertainties and costs of litigation.  Our attorneys will be in continuous communication with you throughout the litigation process to discuss our recommended course of action and to evaluate any settlement opportunities that may arise. If settlement is not possible, our attorneys will be prepared and ready to present your case at trial.  The attorneys at Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane maintain a well established reputation as one of the premier civil litigation law firms in the region.  Our attorneys’ professional courtroom demeanor, meticulous preparation and understanding of the facts and applicable laws, will give you a distinct advantage in the courtroom.

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Robinett | King is located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and represents clients throughout Oklahoma in civil litigation. Call us at 918-336-4132 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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