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Northeast Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers Protect Spouses’ Rights

Bartlesville family law attorneys deliver effective counsel

Divorce is painful, but making the right decisions during the marriage dissolution process gives you the best chance to move on in a positive manner. Using the experience gained through decades of legal practice, the attorneys of Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane offer seasoned advice and skilled advocacy to divorcing spouses. With an offices in Bartlesville our firm has helped clients in Oklahoma obtain successful results in a wide variety of legal matters since 1928. We’ll work closely with you to gain a complete perspective on your situation and diligently pursue favorable results to disputes over child custody, alimony, property division, or child support.

Experienced advisers guide clients through the marriage dissolution process

The emotional strain of divorce can lead people to make poor and irrational that have lasting consequences. To assist you in making decisions that benefit you, both now and in the future, our firm is committed to helping you understand legal issues such as:

  • Grounds — Spouses can seek a no-fault divorce if the marriage has broken down irreparably. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery and abandonment, are also available but seldomly used.
  • Contested vs. uncontested divorce — Should you and your spouse agree on all dissolution terms, a waiver divorce is available in Oklahoma that can save time and money. If there are no minor children of the marriage, this process can be completed within 10 days of filing.  In any action for dissolution of marriage where there are minor children involved, the court will require both parents to attend a course aimed at helping children cope with divorce and the court will not issue a final decree for at least 90 days from the date of the filing the petition. In some cases, the court may waive the 90-day waiting period for good cause.
  • Property division — Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state, meaning that a judge determines how assets and debts will be allocated. This does not have to be a 50-50 split, however, so it is usually best for the parties to work out these details themselves without court intervention.
  • Mediation — Our lawyers make every effort to resolve conflicts through mediation so that parties can maintain control over the divorce process and avoid the expense and aggravation associated with litigation.
  • Alimony — Spousal support payments following a divorce are usually intended to give a partner the chance to establish or re-establish their ability to become self-supporting. Accordingly, payments are usually temporary and based on factors such as the length of the union and how long one spouse took care of the household rather than working outside the home.
  • Remarriage — Within six months of the date an Oklahoma divorce is finalized, a marriage that a former spouse enters into could face a legal challenge.

Each divorce is unique, so it is best to obtain qualified legal counsel as soon as possible to learn how the law applies to your circumstances.

Proven advocates handle Oklahoma child custody matters

The courts of Oklahoma, like the courts of other states, make child custody and visitation based on what judges consider to be in the best interests of the children. Cooperation is essential in these matters, so our experienced lawyers work diligently to establish fair terms on legal authority, residence and visitation that all parties can live with. In almost every case, it is best for a child to maintain frequent, meaningful contact with both parents, but if some issue exists that poses a risk to the child, we will advocate for an appropriate Our attorneys will discuss and explain the differences between joint custody and sole custody, as well as the various visitation arrangements that may be suitable in your case.

Accomplished firm prepares authoritative prenuptial agreements

Having seen the problems that some spouses encounter during the marriage dissolution process, our lawyers offer an effective way to avoid costly conflicts if a divorce occurs. We draft and negotiate prenuptial agreements to address issues such as property division and alimony. In drafting these agreements, our knowledgeable advisers encourage open communication so that the document fairly represents each party’s interests.

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Robinett, King, Elias, Buhlinger, Brown & Kane advises Oklahoma and Kansas clients on the divorce process and related issues such as child custody and alimony. Please call 918-336-4132 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our office is located in Bartlesville.

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